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Our Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills Reveals the Worst Soda for Yo

Description: Our cosmetic dentist takes a look heavy soda consumption and some of the effects that they will have on your teeth.

It would be odd to go through childhood and not here an adult say that “soda is bad for your teeth.”  In fact, many schoolchildren grow up to watch experiments of teeth eroding and decaying in a cup of soda.  For any of the avid soda drinkers out there, thinking about their beloved drink chipping away at teeth can be troublesome.

There is hope on the horizon though as your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist has decided to lay a few soda myths to rest and instruct patients on how to have the occasional soda without seeing too much damage.  

Without further ado, the top three worst sodas for one’s teeth are generally ranked as RC Cola, Cherry Coke, and regular Coke.  This is based off of the acidity of the drink, phosphorous content, artificial coloring, and the affect that they have on a tooth’s enamel.

Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills

This begs the question, what exactly does soda do to your teeth and how can I stop it?  Due to its liquid nature, soda can seep into every nook and cranny of the mouth.  Everywhere it goes it drops deposits of sugar and acidic elements such as phosphorous.  This leads to enamel erosion and the buildup of plaque and bacteria.

For those that want to steer clear of these problems, a few small steps can be taken to help minimize the effects of soda on one’s teeth.   As odd as it may sound, one simple step is to drink soda through a straw in order to minimize contact with teeth.  Soda drinkers should also refrain from brushing immediately after.  Instead, rinsing one’s mouth out with water is the best way to get rid of the acids and sugars.

If you are looking for a way to keep a bright and healthy smile for years to come, contact our Beverly Hills dentist today.

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Zoom Whitening Allows Our Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills to Brig

One of the most often requested cosmetic dentistry services that is requested in our office is teeth whitening and teeth bleaching.  Everyone wants a sparkling smile that is going to turn heads and exude confidence.  Unfortunately, this also means that many people have turned to uncomfortable and inefficient home whiteners.

Our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist offers Zoom whitening to any patients that are ready to have the brightest smile of their life without any of the hassle, lengthy procedures, or expensive equipment to use.  For anyone that wants to have a smile that is up to 8 shades brighter in under an hour, it may be time to head down to our dental office.

Dentist Beverly Hills

The Zoom whitening system requires minimal work or preparation beforehand.  Our Beverly Hills dentist simply ensures that the patient has no major problems with their oral health, is not under 14 years of age, and is not pregnant.  If none of these things are the case, it is time to begin Zoom.

We first cover the gums and lips and then apply a powerful gel to the front of the teeth.  The active ingredient in this gel is peroxide, a common whitening agent.  The real magic of Zoom comes after a specially developed lamp activates the gel to penetrate deep into the teeth for a thorough cleaning.  This is process is generally carried out over the course of 3 sessions that take 15 minutes each.  After a quick rinse and an application of fluoride, most patients have teeth that are dramatically brighter the moment they step out of the office.

If you crave whiter, brighter teeth, there is no reason to go through the fuss of inefficient or downright painful home kits.  We offer one of the most advanced whitening systems in the world for anyone that is ready to light up a room with their smile.[b]


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